Puzzled and looking for answers from Smart People

Thank you.

I get the RAM difference but when all is said and done, you haven’t been able to answer my questions, take me up on the offer to test a Nuc+ to see if it is in fact the Nuc and have challenged me on my data and observations, disrespected your distributor, I’ve decided to move in a different direction with a company that offers a phone number for service calls and is all over the word “service”


Why should Roon apologize? Somebody else owes Roon an apology.

A dealer sold a customer an inadequate component. Or a dealer capitulated to a recalcitrant customer who wanted to force a square peg into a round hole. And then the inevitable customer support – that the dealer is supposed to handle because that is part of the Nucleus raison d’etre – gets pushed off onto Roon, taking up time and cost.

Good grief.



@WiWavelength- if I need to explain it to you, than this is a longer and more private conversation. REad completely though the thread and hope that answers your question.

Nope, I already have read through the thread.

Both the dealer and you are worthy of a bit of admonishment.

In the end, some distributors and/or some customers may not not be worth keeping.


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@WiWavelength- you need the last word so I’m going to grant you that.

Since you said you’ve returned the unit, not much we can do here.

There are a handful of people running 300k+ tracks on Nucleus+ just fine. I’m not sure what your 10k track issue was, but it’s hard to diagnose now.

I’m glad your MBP is serving you well. If you cross about 500k-700k, you may need to switch to Windows – but you have a long way to that.

I’m going to close this out now.

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@danny - thanks Danny… great software I must admit and know that it’s going to keep getting better.

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