QNAP App update available. (Version 2018-06-14)

An update for RoonServer on QNAP NAS is available:

  • Fully (from the scratch) rewritten web interface
  • Storage path of RoonServer’s database can be set in the app’s web ui.
  • Web UI includes a check if multimedia functions are enabled on the QNAP
  • Web UI is limited to admin users now
  • Security fix: Web interface will only show up, if a user is logged in into the QTS administration.
  • Localized to: German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish

Super easy update. Logged into my QNAP. Was informed that there was an update available in the App Center. Went into the App Center and hit update on the Roon app and it updated in about 15 seconds. Nice new GUI. Great work Christopher!!

Yep, straightforward here. Thank you…