QNAP Beta Release 4.3.2

I am not a big fan of beta software. Anyone running QNAP 4.3.2 beta with Roon Server on a QNAP device yet? Is it working okay? Any advantage to doing so? My Roon Server is working super great on a TVS-471. I live by the If it ain’t broke don’t break it methodology. Just curious what others are doing.

One advantage of the QTS 4.3.2 is that the whole OS is 64-bit now and there is no need to bundle or load additional library files anymore.

Can’t say anything about other Apps, that you might use, but for RoonServer and the package maintenance this is a big plus as I can rule out issues that might have occurred by the (previously) loaded libraries. :wink:

That is a big advantage. So do I need to do anything to the Roon Server or does your 1.0.2 package just do it all for me?

You need to update to the latest qpkg (1.0.2). The start script of 1.0.2 will check the QTS version and will use the system libraries if it detects 4.3.x (or higher). Otherwise RoonServer won’t start as there seems to be a conflict with the libraries that are required for QTS 4.2.

Then you should be fine for QTS 4.3.2.

Thanks. Just did the update and Roon runs fine. That’s after the required stop and start twice of the Roon app to get things set right. I use Roon every day. I will let you know about the performance gains I see. Thanks again.