QNAP bridge Marantz NA 8005

I am using a Roon server on my QNAP NAS HS-453dx. Furthermore i am using a networkplayer (Marantz NA 8005). I am connecting the NAS USB to the DAC of the networkplayer. Unfortunatly there is no QNAP bridge. Is there a change there will be qnap bridge in the future, considering the partnership between Roon and Qnap?

Also ik can use airplay to acces the files through Roon. Airplay and the fact that Qnap bridge is not available its only possible to play 44hz/16 bit. I could buy a pi rasperry or something like that (again another device).

Is a QNAP bridge a possibility for the future; if not, what would you suggest considering my set up?

I don’t have a QNAP but I’m feeding my NA8005 with an Allo USBridge directly from ROCK. I used to do it with a plain Raspberry and that works but the Allo is really worth the extra money. Big improvement in sound quality. There might be some hats for the raspberry that are also worth considering if you already own a Pi.

Thanks Dirk!
I googled the Allo USBridge and the reviews are very good. But it is not a plug and play device. Can you tell something about the installation process? For example: what OS do you use? Is this machine powered by USB? Do you have to install Roon software? Why isn’t the Allo USBbridge listed is a Roon Ready device on the Roon website? I know a lot of questions! Perhaps a link to a website answers all my questions.

Its more or less plug and play. Devices with Roon bridge are not classed as Roon Ready they are Roon Networked but they use the RAAT transport and act the same in every way. Roon Ready is for purpose built endpoints/dacs that have Roon SDK built in them and have direct communication with the DAC of the device, USBridge uses Roon Bridge which is software equivalent running on SBC. It comes ready built with the OS you just ask ask for DietPI. If you not familiar with Linux computers or remote logging in to non windows based systems then I would say its not for you, There is very little setup but it might not be your cup of tea, Perhaps look at one of the purpose built endpoints that require little maintenance but do cost significantly more.

Hi. I do not have QNAP Brigette but I stream directly from my Roon Rock to the Marantz NA 8005 through a MicroRendu connected by USB to the NA 8005

Unless you need the USBridge to work on wifi there is no configuration required as far as I remember.
I used my last one just out of the box. I ordered it with DietPi and it comes with its own power supply. Just connect the power, ethernet and USB to your NA8005 and you’re done. It will show up in Roon automatically as an endpoint.
I have a few running for more than a year already and I don’t even know they are there. (They automatically get the roon updates as well)
Piece of cake!

I connected my NAS directly to the Marantz DAC. Roon is indicating RAAT. Marantz is showing 96 mhz and PCM. The sound quality is really amazing. This makes me wonder what the difference is by purchasing Allo USBridge. Does the improve the sound quality even more?

Not having to have a noisy computer thing next to your hifi will improve it no end. You should always try and have noisy computer parts away from the hifi.

I installed the USBridge today. Connected ethernet and USB (USB output) to the Marantz NA8005 and power supply. Roon endpoint is found. Is also playing. There is one problem. No sound! USB dac on the Marantz is showing unlock signal. How to solve this problem.

I get this message when nothing is playing (after power on) so I assume that your USBridge USB output is not sending anything to the Marantz.
Once it receives a signal it will show:
PCM xxxx kHz”
Maybe try a different USB slot on the USBridge?
The correct port should be the single slot in on the bottom. (not the twin USB port above)

Fixed it!!

At first I enabled ATM7059. That one did not work. Below is mentioned also NA8005. Roon recognizes NA8005 as being the dac. Never thought it was that simple!!

Thanks again.

Great! Enjoy. I think the NA8005 is a fantastic DAC. (underrated)
I have it connected to the PM8005 amp with KEF LS50 speakers and the sound is just amazing.

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Mine is also connected to the PM8005 amp. Monitor Audio gold speakers make my set complete. Great sound

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Roon is not showing my dac (Marantz na8005) anymore. It played perfectly for 4 days; suddenly its gone. Roon shows the other for allo outputs (ALSA), but not the dac. I logged in to dietpi. Seems to be no problem there. Any suggestions?

I just tested my dac. Connected it directly to my QNAP. Roon recognized it right away. No problem there either. I am puzzled.

No idea. I didn’t touch this for a year I think.
Did you try to reboot the USBridge? (power off/on)

Hi Dirk
I updated dietpi and rebooted the system. Everything is working again. Strange is it not?

Yep, I never had to reboot the Allo since I had it.
On the other hand, I’m living in Canada and we typically get a few power interruptions per year so I’m actually getting some free reboots anyway. Hard to say…