QNAP crashes when airplay streaming to AppleTV

Firmware: 4.3.4 20180528

  • Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 1TB (M.2 SATA) 931.51 GB,
  • Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 1TB (M.2 SATA) 931.51 GB
    Storage Pool 1 (RAID 1, 2 Disks)

1.5 (build 323) stable
QPKG-Version: 2017-10-03

to Apple TV
3rd Gen. (Early 2012)
7.2.2 (8015)

This configuration streams without any issues to a DigiOne. However, streaming to the Apple TV via Airplay (wireless) crashes the QNAP completely; a restart is needed. The crash happens after 1 to 2 hours of streaming.

I will test this when I am home. I have AppleTV 2-4 there…

So far Roon on my QNAP is streaming without any issues to the AppleTV3 (also 7.2.2). I will keep Roon playing when I go to bed later.

When this crash occurs, can you still access the QNAP’s web administration or connect to a shared folder by your computer?

Thanks for looking into it.

The QNAP disappears completely: no web admin or shared folder anymore.

No issues when streaming to other endpoints though.

Also from QNAP support having taken a look at the logs:

According the logs I see Roon was activated while at the same time
a Cloud sync was running on the background.
Also Roon is a third party application and therefore not supported by us.
I don’t know how much resources this app consumes from the CPU.
But in the logs I can’t see any extreme CPU usage.


Today again a full crash streaming to the DigiOne this time. So the initial hypothesis that it was related to Airplay is NOT correct.

Logs are again sent to QNAP

ok. I could also not reproduce it with my qnap and airplay.

How is your cloud sync set up?

Could you temporarily disable it, to check if the issues is gone without it?

Feedback from QNAS tech support after having studied the logs.

It seems that some application is writing in the root, because of
that the RAM memory fills up until it’s full completely, then the
NAS will reboot.

Have disabled the cloud sync for now.

I was watching for this on my qnap.
But could not see this happening. If this can be pointed to Cloud Sync, it’d be interesting to see, if the system also hangs without Roon Server running on the qnap.

What are the settings for the sync? Is it a sync between 2 qnaps? I could try to match my settings with yours and try again…

It is a sync to an Amazon S3 bucket.

I have disabled the cloud sync for now and see what will happen.

I will try to do the reverse (running the cloud sync without roon server running) when I’m away for a few days.

Disabling cloud sync doesn’t make a difference, still crashing and rebooting.

For what it is worth, Roon logs at http://mbx.cm/t/J6r3D

The logs sent to QNAP can be found over here:
http://mbx.cm/t/GhmGA (2 files).
The conversation with QNAP support can be found here https://helpdesk.qnap.com/index.php?/Tickets/Ticket/View/529602