QNAP for Core only

I have a QNAP, but do not use it for music storage. I have an SSD in an Aries Mini.

As a longtime Qobuz user, now on Roon, I’ve just trialled Roon today and love it!

My installation is Roon Server on my QNAP with the database on an existing SATA 8TB drive.

It works fine, but I was thinking of just having the cheapest QNAP with a 250gb SSD to run Roon, next to my audio. It obviously has to be quiet.

I have a music library, on a SD drive sitting inside an Aries Mini.

Is this sensible and what model QNAP would do it?

I am not interested in a NUC as I have no knowledge or desire to do anything technical, I know very little about computers.

As I’m using Devialet Expert and Devialet Reactor, and Devialet are designing their OS with RAAT embedded, I’m thinking I might as well sell my Aries Mini and get a Roon Nucleus.

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The Nucleus fills the remit for people who want minimal interaction with the running of Roon, at a price. But as a Devaliet user you are willing to pay for the sort of functionality you desire. If you have issues with setup buy from a dealer and get him to do that for you.

If your thinking of getting a nucleus you don’t need to run Roon on the Qnap. The Nucleus is the core and endpoint.

The idea of Roon Nucleus is growing on me. Small and simple and I’ve already got my library on an SSD drive.

Nucleus is made exactly for people like you. It’ll just work, and you’ll never think about it again.

My concern is whether there is redundancy with the new Devialet OS that is on its way and will be quite heavily integrated with Roon. Might just get a 1-year Roon subscription for the time being and see what Devialet OS looks like.

Devialet say:
“With the integration of RAAT (Roon Advanced Audio Transport) to Devialet OS in progress, you’ll soon be able to stream in multiroom and bit-perfect mode bewteen your Expert Pro and any other Roon Ready devices.”

I don’t know what this means and whether it will require an external processor as the Core Infinity has a lot of spare processing capacity.

I also have Devialet Reactor, which I think is Roon ready.

It will not. The Nucleus will do this.

it is not – you are probably using Airplay.

I’m not using the Reactor. Saw it in Paris last October as we popped over for the ballet and Devialet had a very grand shop in the foyer, it’s a very little thing and the sound filled the room. I was standing 35 feet away. Bought one on 21 December and one of my kids nabbed it. I’ve used it a couple of times, but I have no idea how it works. Just pressed some buttons and music came out. They did tell me all the software is being re-written and one app will control all Devialet hardware. Sounds like they are following the Roon approach. Leica did the same - I can control two cameras with the same app, but not the third one with film in it.

The only thing I don’t like about Roon is the use of the Casa Catalan image in the marketing. It’s a very pretty building but the worst acoustic I’ve ever heard. We left after half an hour and stopped at an impromptu opera recital in a square behind the old Barcelona Cathedral, and the acoustic was far better, as was the music.