QNAP Roon App & Version 4.2.3 build 185

I am continuing to monitor the previous issue of data loss on my TVS-882 (previously reported). QNAP Multi media management is enabled, Music Station is not enable, DNLA media server is enabled.

In the QNAP My Apps, I have noticed that the Roon Server app is version 1.0.1 but in Roon Settings (via remote access), the core indicates version 1.2 build 168. Is this an issue?

Last January 24th I updated the QNAP to firmware version 4.2.3 build 185. Immediately after this, I noticed that when starting Roon via remote access the Roon window (i.e. graphics, information, etc.) are very slow to load/start. In order for the graphics to appear, I have to click sometimes several times on the bottom part of the screen and then the screen starts to populate. This happens on the now playing screen. Clicking on the Overview screen doesn’t help but eventually it populates. Is this issue related to the conversation in the Roon forum thread ‘‘Roon and QNAP 4.3’’? If so, should I back my Roon Server library, uninstall the Roon Server app, and then re-install the Roon Server 1.0.2? I hope that this does not involve installation of the QDK because I am not a programmer and I am very uncomfortable to try it.

As of today, I have not updated to Roon 1.3 even though I get the Roon notice that the update is available. Waiting for your feedback.

It all works a treat on my QNAP TVS 471 i3 streaming to Meridian.

I only updated my qnap firmware two days ago as I was holding off waiting on1.3
I did not realise then the 1.3 upgrade would be in app as opposed to having to install a new QPG. Go to the About screen in Roon you should see the option to upgrade

Now all is working well after some initial teething issues sorted last night by additional core revision 196