Qnap ts-253 pro cpu upgrade?

I am running 3 qnap ts-253 pro NASes. My CPU is overloaded on all of them. I’m running license plate recognition software, on them. Does anyone know if i can swap out the cpu, for a more powerful one? Thanks. Jason

Not sure why this is in the roon forum, but why not build a dedicated workstation to do the grunt work and be done with it…share the image folders to that machine.

Horses for courses my friend.

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The TS 253 pro has an embedded processor. It is only possible to upgrade memory.

Thanks, guys. I was looking for a cheap fix, having 3 of them. They have to be on site to handle the load. There isn’t enough bandwith to carry the live video streams to a central workstation. I’ll have to replace them with more powerful servers.