QNAP TS-453Be: Using an internal SSD for Roon database

My Roon is running on a QNAP with 2x6TB HDDs running in a RAID 1 configuration. I see that it is recommended to use a SSD for the Roon databse. I have a spare 128 GB SSD which I want to insert in one of the two free bays and use this for the database. But for the life of me I cannot find how to do this; it seems a QNAP isn’t built to have a RAID configuration with add-in, independent drives.

Advice/pointers will be greatly appreciaed!

Not realy QNAP specific. There’s just no redundancy (the R in RAID) in a single drive.
Just insert the drive and create a new storage pool of type single disk.

Thank you for your advice.
Well, I did try what you suggested, but the disk is apparently too small - the Wizard says that a minimum of 144GB is required for a new storage pool. My SSD is 128GB, and after subtracting what is required by the system, only 109GB is left.
So it would appear that there is no way to add this SSD in a RAID1 system and use it independently.
Or are there other options using it for my intended purpose?

Sorry, but all my QNAPs are fully equipped and thus I can’t test this for you.
:thinking: Maybe it’s more efficient to look into the QNAP support forums for a solution.

I have the same NAS and use 2 HDD’s for storage (Raid 1) and 2 SSD’s (250MB). One for Roon and the other for cache acceleration (no idea if it makes a difference TBH). Given the low price of SSD’s these days I would just purchase a larger SSD.
Just make sure you backup your Roon DB to a different drive - either the mirrored HDD’s and/or an external drive.

Well, I broke down and bought a 250GB SSD and followed your configuration advice. Now the database is moved to the SSD, and Roon should reap the benefit of quicker database access.
I’m not exactly a techie and the QNAP forums can be a bit heavy at times, and their patience isn’t always the best.
Anyway, I’m enjoying my NAS-based Roon and am looking forward to many years of enjoying my music “the Roon way”!