QNAP TS-453MINI Roon Server via Yamaha RX A3050

Hi the new …
I have a QNAP TS-453MINI (Quad-Core Intel Celeron® 2.0GHz) and 16GB Ram and would like to leave the Roon server on it, is this possible?

2nd question, I can use my musics collection on the Yamaha RX A3050, which is integrated as a DMR in the network?
Currently I have on the NAS the BubbleUpnP and the MinimServer run on and control over the LUMIN or LINN via iPad or iPhone …

You should be able to install RoonServer on it, even though the specs won’t meet the recommended hardware. I can’t give you any predictions regarding performance as it varies in every setup (and there is no formula to calculate the specs for individual use cases. :slight_smile: )
The best option is just to give it a try and check if it suits your needs. The best option would be to store the Roon Database on a SSD. (internal bay or externally connected) and set up the RoonServer shared folder on that drive. It will give you the biggest performance increase.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with these apps. But maybe someone else can answer it.
But if the app options should fail to work, you could use a small Raspberry Pi with a Hifiberry Digi+ board and connect it to the coax input of the Yamaha. You will find lots of instructions regarding that in this community board and it is not very hard to accomplish, affordable (and for some people like me also fun). There are also other options like Sonore’s microRendu or other tinkerboards.

Thank you will try times with an internal SSD as Roon server.
Since the NAS has a 64bit QuadCore processor and is equipped with 16GB Ram well it should work.
Sonore microRendu also works on the MinimServer and BubbleUpnP, so it should work with the RX A3050.

Thanks for the quick reply and then ton ton mt Roon and the NAS tinkered.

If everything works then I write times a report to it.

The Yamaha RX A3050 has two ESS Sabre converters (surround ESS Premiere DAC ES9006A and stereo the ESS 9016S)

Pity before I buy something I would like to test it and not only all my credit data.

Is there no test version?
Without first letting everything out of me.

MinimServer and Roon will run in parallel without any problem. BubbleUPnP i do not know, but i use it as Control App on my Android phone to use DMR DMC function. Roon can only be controlled by its own Control App :slight_smile:

So everything runs perfectly synonymous without SSD at the moment, currently running the stream via Airplay on the RX A3050 and the operation of the app on the iPhone is top.

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