QNAP TS 473 NAS Recommended Drives

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

2017 IMAC with 1TB Fusion Drive

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
RT AX88U Linksys Router Ethernet connection to IMAC AND Simaudio 390

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Simaudio 390

I currently have Roon 1.7 running on the Fusion Drive on my 2017 IMac. I currently stream Tidal but I plan on ripping music from about 600 cds onto a drive. I’m considering purchasing a QNAP TS 473 to run Roon core and to also store my ripped CD audio. Could you recommend what size and types of drives that I should consider purchasing for the QNAP TS473?

WD Red is what I use in my Synology. Among full sized drives, they are on the quieter side (5400 RPM) which is much appreciated. 4TB is what I run and found that to be at the sweet spot cost wise when I was searching for drives.

May I ask why you want to move away from the iMac as Roon Core?

I use the NAS for direct playback with my Bryston BDP-1’s native player. However, for Roon Core and library hosting, I prefer to use WD My Passport 4TB portable USB drive attached to the iMac running Roon Core. It’s the quietest among drives and library management is very easy and changes are instantaneous. I haven’t run into any mismatches with USB storage and Roon. I back up my music manually periodically.

If you were to use the NAS only as storage, the WD RED I recommended are excellent. If you’re running Core as well on the NAS, I think you might benefit from better and faster drives.

Thanks for the input and recommendations. I really have 2 reasons for investigating the use of a NAS. My 2017 iMAC has a fusion drive which is not a SSD, so I’m looking at a means to try and improve Roon core performance by going to a SSD. I also need additional storage and back up capability. I’m really a novice when it comes to NAS systems so I’m still not certain what I’m going to do at this point.

I would certainly recommend the Western Digital Red drives. I’ve been using them for the past 5 years or so and found them to be very reliable.

I have the TS-473 and have fitted a Samsung 860 EVO M.2 500 GB SSD, you could create a Storage Pool with a small volume say 100 GB or whatever you wish but not small (Name it “RoonServer”) and use the remaining space for additional storage of files whatever they may be, or buy a smaller/larger M.2 SSD it’s your choice.

The TS-473 has 2 x M.2 SSD slots which is very handy as you don’t need to use one of your main drive bays for an SSD.

Do a search on the web for “QNAP compatibility List”. There is a QNAP drop down menu that lists their recommended Hardware for the NAS you select. Remember this is just what they recommend, other hardware may work but at least you know they’ve probably tested it.

Hope this helps

Bernie, my iMac running Roon Core is a Late 2009 Core 2 Duo with a HDD and for my day-to-day activity, the performance is identical to running Roon Core on my 2018 MacBook Pro 6-core with SSD. I have had 50k tracks and it works flawlessly. I run Audeze DSP and it does that fine as well.

There are differences between the two devices in things like “audio analysis” time which is a lot faster on the MacBook Pro with it’s more newer 6 cores. Initial Roon boot time is faster on the newer machine and I’m less likely to run into troubles with tougher DSP on my MacBook Pro. However, if you’re not facing any issues currently with the performance of the iMac and are satisfied, I’d suggest sticking with the iMac for Roon Core and save the money. I am not noticing any differences in library search times or latency issues across the 4 Roon Core machines I have around the house with HDD or SSDs from the last decade. Of course, for non-Roon activities, the SSD is far superior to Fusion Drives or HDD. My next iMac or any computing devices will be pure SSD.

Yes, backups are very important to maintain and the NAS does do a good job in mirroring the information. However, if that’s the only place where your where music will be kept, I hope you know that this situation isn’t considered a backup. You’d still need something for a backup.

For backup drives, I have both portable and desktop WD USB Drives (My Passport and MyBook) that I’ll occasionally use to back everything. Once the information is backed up, I unplug them and keep them safe sitting in a drawer, isolated from vibrations or any electrical connection. I have 2 separate drives that are used for backup and are kept offline.

You may want to look into that to protect your music and time investment of going through 600 albums.

If you end up sticking with the iMac for Roon, you may even be able to save money on the NAS. Perhaps a simpler 2 bay model?

Before I bought my HDDs, I also took a look at failure rates, that were published by data center. Like this one here from backblaze:

Backblaze has its own Hard Drive stats webpage at:

I must say thank you to all of you posting replies. All of this is excellent information, especially Zoom25’s comments which really shed a lot of light on my questions concerning whether or not I should spend considerable cash on a TS 473 NAS and drives. Zoom25’s response concerning running Roon on an SSD or HDD with a smaller size library has left me with the opinion that I will stick with my 2017 IMAC running Roon Core on my HDD Fusion drive. I will probably look a little for a lesser cost NAS as a backup consideration. Thanks again.