QNAP TS-473 + Roon = 99% CPU utilization!

(tboooe) #1

I just upgraded to a QNAP TS-473 and installed Roon on an m.2 SSD. I got everything to work but I noticed that the CPU utilization is between 95-99%. I’ve tried rebooting a few times but that didnt help. Any ideas?


As you’ve just installed the new NAS, Roon may still analyzing your library and downloading metadata and pictures in the background. Depending on the size of your library, this might go on for quite some time. Please give Roon some time (I’d say at least 24 hours) to finish the job then check again.

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Thank you for the reply. I restored from backup so I assume that Roon wont need to download any meta data or do any audio analysis?


I don’t know, I never done that before (restored from backup). On my NAS, which isn’t as powerful as yours, Roon idles (not playing music; not browsing library) around like this:

Of course QTS and Roon are all up to date.

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Thank you. Both QTS and Roon are the latest version on my QNAP. At idle, RoonAppliance process varies between 66-98% cpu utlization, using 1.1gb of RAM. I will check again in the morning to see if anything changes.

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(Chris ) #6

I would think you need more RAM. 4GB is recommended minimum I thought…

I’ll need to reboot core soon to clear RAM down, it’s been a while.


Who needs more RAM?
Neither the OP’s NAS nor mine gets sold with less than 4GB RAM AFAIK. Mine has actually 8GB RAM.

(Chris ) #8

Did I miss read the 1.1GB? Probably.

(jvvita) #9

My Qnap TS-251+ (celeron) with 8GB of RAM, CPU utilization is never more than 25% and RAM utilization is never more than 30%. Running Roon with no DSP and only 1 zone playing.

(Mikael Ollars) #10

Do you have a spinning circle up top right in the overview? Or a counter right next to Background Audio analysis speed in the Library section of Settings?
In that case something has changed with the files as you copied them and Roon didn’t recognize them.

(tboooe) #11

Thank you everyone for the replies. No spinning circle or any indication that Roon is doing anything. However, for whatever reason overnight the cpu utilization decreased dramatically. Roon is now idling at 0.64% utilization.


Checking the RoonServer logs (e.g., RoonServer/Logs/RoonServer.txt in whatever the QNAP Roon metadata share is) usually gives a pretty good indication of what it is doing. And it’s decipherable even to non-techies, as you’d see lots of entries with “analyzing” each file, for example, if what it was doing was re-scanning your entire library.