QNAP TVS-882 Setup

Just received my QNAP TVS-882 and configured with the following:

2 250GB SSDs RAID0
2 275GB M.2 RAID0
6 6TB Red NAS Drives RAID5

Will migrate/replicate data/media from ReadyNAS to the 6 6TB DataVol on QNAP TVS-882 and I will configure a DataVol as a RAID0, 1 for the SSDs and 1 for the M.2 SSDs.

So my questions are as follows:

  1. Where should I create the SSD cache, on the SSDs or M.2 SSDs?
  2. Where should I install RoonServer, SSDs or M.2 SSDs, I would assume not on the DataVolx that is configured as the cache?

What I did was configure the SSDs in RAID0 for cache acceleration, create a DataVol for the M.2 SSDs (RAID0), created the RoonServer share and installed RoonCore on the M.2 SSDs/DataVol).


I think I answered my own questions after going through the install, seems you can’t install anything to the “cache accelerator” Doh! Just new to QNAP, but seems to be a nice piece of kit and RoonServer seems to be running well…

Wonder if the CPU in this NAS upgradeable to an i7?

Go with RAID 5 for the music storage. I did RAID 1 when I first got my QNAP but people here pointed me to RAID 5 due to it’s recovery capabilities and I am glad I reconfigured everything. You have the chance to get it right out of the gate.

I did, that was a typo, fixed.


It should be upgradeable. But you should do some research which i7 CPU will work fine in your QNAP model and has been tested to work properly.

On the German amazon there is a review (unfortunately in German, but with pictures) from a customer, who has installed an i7 6700. It is the TVS-682 which should have the same mainboard as the 882.

Hi Govnah,

So you are not able to install RoonServer package on the SSD, but on one of the 6TB NAS Drives?