Qnap tvs-951x - qtier?

Roon server is installed on the new QNAP TVS-951X

Can anyone point me in the direction of how to correctly set up Roon using QTIER. QNAP doesn’t cover it and I can’t find any documentation here either.

what exactly do you want to configure?

I have 5 x 8TB drives set up with raid 5, and 2 x 1TB ssd drives set up in raid 1 all being overseen by the new Qtier management protocol. I read after theat Roon needs to have the database set up on its own SSD drive??? this does not seem possible under QTier. can’t seem anywhere in the documentation that it says about anchoring data to a drive under QTier… or does tier do this as part of the process =. i.e it sees Roon needing better performance so it moves that to the ssd drives…

FYI I am not an it tech guy, I am an audio guy with a little IT knowledge

I do not use QTier. with routers on the local network, this is not needed. I have about 500,000 songs in the library. and I’ve never had problems with file transfers. So more performance seems unnecessary. Suggests, quit Qtier on SSD and install ROON Core here.
If you have questions, write, I will be happy to share my knowledge and experience.

I specifically need help with Qtier. the server isn’t just for Roon. I know how to make it work non Qtier. I am asking for assistance with qteir as there is only ambiguous information about it in the documentation

I will talk and ask colleagues, probably someone uses this configuration with QT. If I know something, I will write to you.

Thank you!

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