Qnap x77 series

With the launch of latest Qnap TS-x77 series, which has AMD Ryzen 7 CPU, what do you think if it is a better choice or not compared to intel i3 or i5 on the Qnap TVS-x71 or x82 series?


Thats a lot of fire power for a NAS

I’m wondering if the intel i3 or i5 in Qnap TVS-882 has enough power to let me do the upsampling to DSD256 or crossover in Roon?

I use the QNAP TVS-473 AMD NAS (Power between a i3 and a i5) with Roon and didn‘t have a single issue, even upsampling to DSD isn‘t a problem. So the Ryzen is imho overkill for Roon.

Thanks Bernd, what DSD rate are you upsampling to?

i upsample to DSD128 and still there is enough headroom to eventually go to 256.