Qobuz 24 bit flac is playing at 16 bit


Are you using the US beta Chris?

I’d like to see if this is indeed an issue with the US beta, or if my guess is wrong, and actually a worldwide issue.

oh, and thanks for the ‘recommendation’ - if anything, I’ve some new albums I’m enjoying :slight_smile:

(Chris Risher) #22

Yep, US beta here. I had previously using it for about 2 weeks without issue.



Seems to suggest it is just the servers load balancing due to high demand during the beta (apart from the labelling issue for the Corey Fuller album).

Only a few days for you and other US users to find out - I think Qubuz go live on the 14th?


It has been reported and acknowledged by Qobuz representatives in other threads (either here on Roon forums and/or AudiophileStyle forums… can’t recall which offhand) that there is a mis-labeling issue (bug) pertaining to album resolutions. Some (many?) titles that are labeled as Hi-res are actually only available to stream in 16/44. Qobuz is promising a fix soon.

(Qobuz) #25

Hi all, as some of you have already noticed, almost 10% of our Hi-Res catalogue is available in 24-Bit for download but not for streaming. This is why some tracks can not be streamed in 24-Bit despite showing the Hi-Res logo. This problem will be fixed in a Roon update which is coming very soon. The problem will also be solved on Qobuz a bit later this year. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
The Qobuz Team.