Qobuz and Android Auto - it's here!qobuz

I just noticed last weekend that Qobuz is now a supported Android Auto app.

Looks, works and sounds great. The last part surprised me. I am normally listening to (highly) compressed audio in my car from sat radio, Spotify, or from a thumb drive with AAC tracks on it.

I configured the Qobuz app to stream at 44.1/16-bit over cellular and 24-bit up to 96 kHz on Wi-Fi. My car has a Wi-Fi hotspot, so I was likely streaming at a higher rate for some songs, depending on availability.

Glad they finally added Android Auto to their app.

I agree, I was pleasantly surprised to see it too! Compared to the abysmal Amazon Music AA app, the Qobuz app is way better. Unfortunately, after a day or two of excitement, my honeymoon phase came to an end as now it is buggy when it comes to displaying certain playlists I created. It won’t show all songs in a 20 song playlist but plays the track when I chose it on my phone directly. Must be some bug. Everything else works, and I love that the album art displays, unlike Amazon!