Qobuz and Qobuz playlist questions

Hi all,

I’ll be going to places with little/no internet connection for Christmas/New Years.

I’d like to make sure that my understanding are correct regarding Qobuz-room integration.

  1. When I add albums/tracks to roon’s library, the tracks will be copied to the core and I don’t have to have internet connection to play those tracks

  1. Playlists that I have created on the Qobuz side will be available in roon, and I need to save them to a local copy.

However, for the saved local playlist, i’m still seeing the Qobuz logo on the tracks. does this mean that the tracks will still be streamed online or are they also copied locally?


When music is added to your library, it is not downloaded onto the device. It’s just added to a list, but the data still streams from a Qobuz server. You might want to use the Qobuz app on a portable device so that you can download it, but it will not then be accessible to Roon.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the info, I thought by adding the tracks to roon’s library, it is the same as downloading for offline on the app.

I’ll just use the Qobuz app for the travel then.

Thanks again.

How is the Qobuz app going to help if you don’t have internet access?

One can import albums/tracks for offline listening in the Qobuz app, limited only by the space one has available on their device.


Hi @Jim_F,

You can download them to your devices to play offline.
That was what I thought initially Roon is doing when we add qobuz albums/tracks to roon.


Yes, Qobuz allow you to download music to devices so that you can listen offline. Unlike Tidal and others, you can download to a computer as well as a phone, so if you travel with a laptop, you can also store music on that.
This music is only accessible via the Qobuz app on that device, and cannot be seen by Roon. It will vanish if you cancel your Qobuz sub, so it’s not the same as a purchased download. Still, it’s a convenient way to get hold of music when you’re on the move.

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Thanks for that. We are leaving home Christmas day for 3 weeks. I think I will see if I can download all of my Qobuz albums to my laptop. That will save me a bunch of Verizon data.