Qobuz app: deleted albums still show in Roon

Hi, I recently decided to cleanup my TIDAL and Qobuz overlapping albums.

I went into the macOS Qobuz app and deleted all music that is NOT classical. I added some albums I removed from Qobuz into TIDAL, using the TIDAL macOS app.

Then, I restarted the Roon Server app on my Mac Mini. The TIDAL changes reflected in Roon as I expected, but the Qobuz albums were still present in Roon.

Should that be the case?

No this is not normal. Try a forced sync by going to settings,services,Qobuz,edit,sync library now. If this does not work then flag support.

Did that. Will try again when I return home and if this repeats itself, I will flag support.


There seems to be quite a few issues with Qobuz / Roon syncing that works fine with Tidal.

It seems that every now and again Qobuz do something that sorts things out but changes in one platform rarely (but sometimes do) happen contemporaneously in the other.