Qobuz App: Shuffling songs?

I have a lot of albums downloaded on Qobuz. Is there a way to randomly play the tracks of all the albums? I can only randomly shuffle albums at this point.

Does selecting multiple albums and then choose shuffle not work for you?

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Thanks. I was talking specifically on the Qobuz app. Using Roon the shuffle works fine. If I select shuffle on the app it only shuffles the songs on that specific album.

I have about 600 Qobuz albums downloaded onto my laptop. I always play full albums and am not aware of a way to shuffle songs across albums.

A work around is to create a complete playlist, with all the albums you want included, then you can start the playlist and select shuffle.

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This works well, only issue is the (arbitrary) 1,000 track limit on Qobuz playlists. Great as a solution for a few albums and random play though.

Even more of a kludge but you could create roon playlists from the Qobuz ones then compile the roon playlists into a bigger one.

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