Qobuz Availability in India

Greetings from India. Any idea when Qobuz will be available in India?
I’d love to switch from Spotify to Quboz since I’ve just signed up to Roon and my Yamaha streaming device works with Qobuz. And since Spotify is not integrated with Roon, I have the decided disadvantage of not having a streaming service integrated with Roon. As this is a major feature of Roon, I’ll have to decide whether or not I’m getting value for money by paying for Roon but not having an integrated streaming service.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Streaming service availability is the responsibility of Qobuz not Roon, so you need to ask them.
You could try to get access to Qobuz using a VPN service but this may lead to performance issues and I don’t think VPN usage is supported by Roon officially. There are VPN users here though that may be able to assist.

Thank-you for the response. I agree that availability is the responsibility of Qobuz, but when I saw the notice that David (can’t recall his surname) was representing Qobuz in this forum, I thought this would then be the place to ask.
Another reason why I thought it appropriate to post here is that as I pointed out in my original post, Qobuz integration with Roon is an important USP for the Roon music service. As long as it’s not available to me, then Roon is less valuable to me - and that should be a concern to Roon.
That, plus two other major issues I’ve had when I migrated to Roon 12 days ago (about 1,000 of my 83,000 tracks don’t appear in Roon from my Apple iTunes files; and many of my hundreds of playlists from iTunes also do not appear) has me concerned as to whether or not I can use Roon successfully.
Kind regards, John Q

Regarding you ‘two other major issues’ you will need to raise a support request to get support to look at them.

Give this a read if you haven’t already and review all the points mentioned. Support will ask about these known issues, so having the answers ready may speed up resolution.