Qobuz Available / Unavailable Confusion: American Football LP2

@support, as the months pass I am more frequently getting unavailable Qobuz albums after adding them to my roon library. True, I can often just favorite another Qobuz version instead but then I loose all edits, play counts, play lists do not work as expected etc. Depending on the lost album, tracks etc. this can result in quite a bit of manual editing to fix. Does anyone know is there a feature request for roon to replace unavailable Qoboz albums with available versions in roon libraries whilst preserving edits, play counts, play lists etc.? I don’t have a Tidal account but I assume the issus are similar?

In this case this American Football album is suddenly “unavailable” in roon, but it is available in Qobuz and there are no alternative versions. Is this some kind of synchronization issue between roon and Qobuz. Can this be fixed?

Unavaialble in roon:


Available in Qobuz:

It’s licensing changes. The streaming services withdraw one version and substitute another. So as you say, if you search it’s there but you are actually finding a different version, hence roon losing it as it is referencing a version that no longer exists.
There are multiple threads about it and feature requests.
Some think it is a trivial thing to implement some think it is hard, no word from Roon themselves afaik.

I understand the licencing issue. It would be nice if roon would comment on a practical solution to a consequence of streaming partner integration that is not going to go away.

My second point, I am hoping is a bit more mundane. Roon is catageorizing this American Football album version as “unavailable” in Qobuz when as far as I can see this version is available in Qobuz. Personally, I havn’t seen this particular use case before. So either 1) the licencing arrangements between Qobuz and roon are more complicated than any of us know or this is a more straightforward synchronization issue between Qobuz and roon with a technical (not licensing) solution. I am hoping it is the later.

Ok in the UK

Ok. I have an Irish account but I am currently logged in Denmark. But thinking about it, this is still inconclusive. I can access this album on Qobuz no problems via an Irish account through a Danish ISP. It’s just roon is the problem. It could be that the arrangement between Qobuz and roon is just more complicated than we know and just doesn’t allow this particular use case. But it could still be some simpler technical hickup causing a lack of synchronization of licencing status. Hopefully, roon can comment on this as it is already something that is affecting all roon streaming integration.

Licensing seems to vary with the weather or lunar cycles…

I’m also in the UK and have had that album in my library for some time and there’s no sign of a change or a new version here. I have seen the issue with other albums and have the odd “ghost” album that’s no longer available in Qobuz but can’t easily be deleted from my library. It’s annoying but I’ve not tried too hard to remove them yet. Here’s an old version of a Spiritualized album, note the lack of any remove from library option:

Note my stupidity as I work out how to remove it :wink:

Yo have to click the “edit” button on that drop down. On the next screen scroll down until you get to te delete album option.

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Thanks @Tony_Casey, as I indicated in my edit I found that. I can be VERY hard of understanding at time :wink:

I think we’ve all looked blankly at roon or other software and thought “there’s a way to do this…ermmm”