Qobuz bandwidth issues in the evening?

A friendly hello to all Rooners out there.
I am writing as I have some issues using Roon with Qobuz since some time.

I live in northern Germany, and my internet is provided by Vodafone TV cable. It is fast (I ordered 100MBit I get 100MBit) also in the evening hours.

Since some weeks I encounter messages from Roon that data is not delivered fast enough by Qobuz. This results in stopping of the current track and skipping to the next track which may also be skipped or not, how knows. As I said this happens only with high resolution audio (24/96 or 24/192) in the evening hours. My guess is that Qobuz bandwidth is at its end in the evening hours.

This effect is independent of my wife’s streaming Netflix :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am interested if someone else encounters this issue or if I am the only unhappy user in this respect.

Best DrCWO

Not that I have noticed, I only get issues when Qobuz itself is having problems or Roons metadata servers are playing up. Perhaps you have high utilisation from your ISP at that time of night not too uncommon for it to happen. Perhaps their CDN is under heavy load at peak times in your area.

I know it won’t help but no issues here (UK).

Dear DrCWO, dear all,

I seem to be experiencing similar issues as you are describing: Qobuz tracks skipping, not playing, or ending in the middle of the song. Unfortunately for me it happens with all tracks from Qobuz, including 16/44, and not just high resolution audio.

It happened to me just now and in the past few weeks I have experienced it several times as well.

Though it is evening for me right now (around 21:00h), I have not payed close enough attention the previous times that it happened to say for certain I’m only affected in the evening.

To give some background. I live in the Netherlands, use the local ISP called Freedom; It is a glass-fiber connection at 1 GBit.

Locally stored files play just fine on Roon and when I try to play the same music from Qobuz, that failed in the Roon app, directly in the Qobuz app (both controlled from my Macbook) there is no problem either. So the problem really appears to by lying in the combination of Roon + Qobuz, at least for me.

No, I am not happy with this and I hope the issue will be resolved soon.

Kind regards,

I never tested that but maybe this is more a Roon but a Qobuz issue. Are you willing to open a support ticket at Roon. I am currently travelling so from my side not the right moment.

There are already very similar threads on the forum and they all state that restarting your core should do the trick. For me it worked and I hope it will also work for you.

As such, I will not be opening a support ticket at the time.

This is not my issue. I only once saw that there is no connection to Qobuz and that was after a Roon upgrade. I think the connection is there but something in Roon slows down data delivery especially during search. Maybe during search also the Roon server is involved and it is slow in the evening. I have no idea how searching is handled within Roon.
Best DrCWO