Qobuz Carplay Integration


Since version 5.0.0 of iOS Qobuz App i can see the Qobuz Icon on the CarPlay screen.
Unfortunately i’ve got a message “Unable to connect to Qobuz”.
So i wrote to the support and they told me CarPlay integration should work in a few weeks.

Good news.


It loads for me, but no content appears in any of the tabs on my Carplay interface. I can navigate the app itself on my phone, but that defeats the purpose. Hope this gets fixed soon. This is one of the main reasons I’m trying Qobuz, because Tidal’s Carplay integration is awful.

Rats, I came to this thread for exactly this reason- Tidal’s Carplay is very awful, it’s very frustrating. It’s so broken that I pull over and use my iPhone to change albums/playlists/etc.

I hope that if/when Roon does a mobile offering, they include Carplay integration.

Since ROON update 1.6 it is possible to stream music to my iPhone if I am out of my home LAN. Yesterday I played music from ROON at home on my cars audio system via my iPhone. To reach that I make a VPN connection between my phone and my LAN at home. This wasn’t working with version 1.5 but with 1.6 it does work!

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Has this been working reliably for you? Do you have any problems with Roon (core) seeing your iPhone as a playback endpoint?

Yes it is working reliable and I have no problems with Roon seeing my iPhone als endpoint.

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