Qobuz changed account network errors

I have been using a french Qobuz account for years on my Roon Rock NUC i7. Worked fine with Qobuz. This week I created a US account and set the french account to shut down. Suddenly I am getting slow access and a lot of “there was a network error” messages trying to get to music on Roon. I logged in and out of roon and cleared the cache per some e-mails but that did not fix the problem. Have there been problems with US Qobuz or is the problem with some old information that needs to be erased in the server? Any help would be appreciated.

What are your DNS settings? Have you tried using Google and/or Cloudflare?
You may want to move this into Support to get some Roon technical eyes on it. I can move it over there if you want.
Roon will want more details regarding networking on your end.