Qobuz.com down?

I’ve been unable to connect to Qobuz this morning and their website was returning a 503, but now it’s returning a default “Welcome to nginx on Debian!” page. I’m assuming they are recovering from an outage / restoring their servers.

Is anyone else seeing that at the moment?


Same here, unable to connect to Qobuz website and play music in Roon from Qobuz source at the moment.

I am able to connect to the web site with no issues via the app on my Mac.

I think they solved the problem, I can connect to the website now and play Qobuz music in Roon.

Yup, looks like the site is back up and I got Roon to sign back in, too.

Looks like it’s all down again. Website, app, and roon not working with Qobuz right now.

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I am also getting massive failures with Qobuz: Roon, Mobile App, Web Player. All foobar.

ditto - down here

Same here. Not available in Roon and the website is down again.

i am up now and playing on roon.

Well, it’s sort of back up - but I notice that I can’t choose genres on the Qobuz new releases page at the moment…

To be complete: Yesterday evening also problems with connecting to Qobuz through Roon. The login failed with an ‘unexpected problem’. After several tries of restarting I gave up.
Today it is working all well again.
Happens quiet often it seems…