Qobuz duplicate music!


Is there a possibility when you add your Qobuz account in the Roon server, to not add the purchased albums into the library ?

Indeed having already on my NAS in downloaded versions, I find myself with all my albums in doubles !

And if I make them invisible in the library, they are still counted in the menus albums, artists, etc.


Roon Labs are aware of the issue, so it’s possible that a fix may appear at some point in the future.

Thanks for the reply !
I’m waitting for an update ;+)

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Had the same issue. I just deleted all doubled Qobuz Albums and kept the downloaded version.

I know its a workaround, but doenst take much time until Roon finds a way to clearly identify Local ALbums bought at Qobuz.

kind regards

That works great now with the last update !
Thanks for it ;+)