Qobuz favorites in Roon

I’m a happy user of Roon. I used to have a large library of creatively obtained albums, that were indexed by Roon. But the last year I started with collecting albums that I buy on Qobuz. So I use Qobuz to discover en stream new artists and albums, and buy the album if I like it. I add a new album that I want to discover on Qobuz, to my QObuz-favorites, and download my bought albums to my Roon core. But ever since I only use my own albums in Roon, the calculator shows a completely different amount of albums and artists, then the ones actually in my library.
As I found out, my albums that I mark as favorite in Qobuz, not even downloaded or so, are added to my local library in Roon. Is this a bug? How can I stop Roon indexing albums that aren’t in my library?
This gives a very confusing results.
Thanks for helping me solving this issue!

An album that you favorite in Qobuz or Tidal is added to you Roon library. And conversely, if you add the Qobuz/Tidal version of an album to the library in Roon, it becomes a favorite in the streaming service.

This is the intended behavior.

Hi Suedkiez,

Thanks for the reply and woops, I thought I’ve done some searching here before but didn’t run into something.
I can understand why that can be helpfull at some point, but can I disable it? Otherwise there doesn’t seem any advantage of buying an album instead of simply flagging it as a favorite in your streaming service. Which would sound like a strange approach for a Music service for music enthousiasts, discourage buying music :slight_smile: Or am I wrong here. That’s the main reason I didn’t thought it was common.

Roon library includes local, Tidal links, and Qobuz links.

Some people want to own their music files, so they buy them and download. Others, would rather use their money for other purposes and simply stream their music. I’m in the latter group.

You can use Roon Focus to see your local files.

The advantage is that you will still have it (and any metadata edits you made) if Qobuz or the label decides to remove it :slight_smile: (There are also some others, like you can add lyrics to the lyrics tag of local files, if Roon does not know them, but you can’t do that with Qobuz albums)

From Roon’s point of view, and that of many users, it is an advantage that you don’t have to care where the album is. For instance, Roon giving me the ability to edit most metadata of albums that I have only in streaming is a big selling point for me.