Qobuz (finally) available in Argentina

I don’t know if there’s anyone here who might find this useful, but just in case…
There’s a one monthe trial period and after that is USD 4.19 for Studio, 6.19 for Duo and 7.59 for the Family plan.
Are these prices the same worldwide?, just asking because Tidal HiFi Plus is 145 argentine pesos (USD1.49) and I think it’s not the price they’re charging in the US or Europe, right?
Anyway let’s try Qobuz and see

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Hi Gustavo, in Colombia Qobuz Studio is COP 16.190 which at current exchange rates is about 4 USD. It is cheaper than the Tidal HiFi Plus subscription which is COP 23.000 per month. I just downgraded my Tidal to HiFi which is COP 11.500.

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Tidal in America -

Qobuz in America -

As usual, streaming providers charge Americans more because they get away with it.

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Germany in € Tidal

Germany in € Qobuz (yearly under 150/200€)

Not sure why Qobuz is slow getting its product into countries. It’s still not available in Canada

It’s like hurdling, if the bar (oligopoly Universal, Warner, Sony) is too high, the small providers have a long begging process.

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A very narrow win against the euro on Qobuz for old blighty then? :smirk:



I think they charge us less because at those prices they wouldn’t have a market here.
I’m trying Qobuz because I get a free month, and I’m curious, but with Tidal at ARS145 I can’t think why I would pay ARS1000 for another streaming service.

I left Tidal for Qobuz when it became more and more difficult to find non-MQA streams on Tidal.

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