Qobuz HD Icon In Roon

Hi, Is there a way to show the yellow Quboz HD Icon on HD albums in Quboz in Roon?

Unfortunately not.

yes unfortunately… I really do not understand why the qobuz icon is not displayed at this level…

I believe the Icon is copyrighted and needs to be fully licensed to be able to be displayed by hardware and software it’s not free to bung in on. I doubt Roon has done this as it’s only a logo they show you the bitrate of the source anyway. Odd though as they do show the MQA logo but I imagine that gets thrown in with MQA licensing anyway.

Japan Audio Society | Application process for use of Hi-Res AUDIO logo

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Thank you @Simon_Arnold3 for your answer.
In fact the qobuz logo is displayed everywhere in the appli except at the disc cover where it is the more interesting.
If we look at the info tab then the logo is here.
If we look at the artist albums the logo is well displayed on each cover , so why not in “now playing” tab… May be someone from Roon could explain this strange behavior.

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I think the idea was to have a clean album cover in the now playing screen while the info section gives you the rest. But I do see the point of having the option to have the icons displayed over the cover even in now playing.

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Thanks for the replies, maybe it can be added at a later date.

I think you might be talking about a different thing from the OP. The Qobuz logo is indeed displayed throughout Roon. The OP is about the Hi-Res logo, which isn’t used at all in Roon.

The confusion has probably arisen because the the thread title is “Qobuz HD Icon in Roon”. The HD (or, more properly Hi-Res) logo is not exclusive to Qobuz. There is a Qobuz logo and there is a Hi-Res logo - two different logos!

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This Icon would be nice to see when viewing in Quboz via Roon like in other platforms, quick & easy to see what albums are Hi-Res.
Would be good also to sort Albums from singles but thats a Quboz 'ting.

Would like this as well

Isolating the Hires Album in Roon Library can be done easily using the FOCUS function and selecting 24bit in bit depth: only the Hi-Res albums will appear

In Album view, since the logo is copyright Roon could use a different symbol to indicate that the Album is Hires