Qobuz heart not working in Qobuz web browser

After this problem has been solved, there appears a small (but annoying) issue to remain, albeit at Qobuz.
Whilst in the Qobuz app, all my Favorite albums heve the Heart symbol highlighted (as it should), this is not the case anymore in Qobuz webbrowser.
It works fine for albums that I add now, but all my favorite albums do not appear like that anymore.
I have contacted Qobuz support, but they cannot reproduce the problem. Neither can I for new albums.

Anyone else also seeing the same behaviour,

Hi @anon90297517,

Did this issue resolve itself or is it still ongoing?
I’ve moved your post to the Qobuz section so it can get more attention.

Unfortunately this issue is still ongoing

Hi @anon90297517,

I am able to see my favorites in the Qobuz web player and favorite/unfavorite as expected, you do have to hover over the album to see the heart appear. You might want to try using a different web browser, but since the issue is on the Qobuz web player, there’s not much that we can do on our end.

Hi Norris

This topic can be closed here.

The issue is as follows - independent of brower used

If you open Qobuz webpage, and you sign out - and then sign in again (and ticking the ‘Remember me’ tab), you will see the ‘favourized’ albums hearted.

Now if you quit the Qobuz webpage, without signing out, and later on you start it again, all your information is there EXCEPT the albums hearted.

Sign out, signin again - everything is back.

I am 99,9% sure this was not the case a couple of weeks ago. Can’t proove hoxever.

So for now, whilst they are looking at this at Qobuz, I just make sure I do not ticj the ‘Remember me’ tab, and sign in every time I start Qobuz webbrowser. Annoying, but less annoying than not see the ‘hearted’ albums.


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