Qobuz in 2020 with VPN?

Hi. I see alot of people here using Qobuz with VPN.

But when I try to do it, it goes fine till I have to pay with Paypal.

Seems like Paypal is ratting me out with geolocation.

So it is impossible to get Qobuz in 2020 unless you are in one of their countries?

I managed to get a Qobuz US subscription with a VPN set to USA. After signing up, no need for the VPN.

The only drawback is Google won’t give me the phone app, as I live in a non Qobuz country. Even when I’m in Europe or the US I can’t download it from the play store.

I can get the app on an iPad, though.

My issue is when I try to pay with Paypal. Paypal “rats” me out and tells Qobuz that I am not from the UK.

When did you do this? 2020? Cause I feel like most posts I read is people doing it back in 2017-19.

I did it about a year ago -whenever QB US started.
I think they can peep and see the country your CC is from-even thru PayPal. They hinted as much to me once in an email, and that might be the issue.
Although I’m paying with my local CC (not thru PP) and it didn’t seem to matter. Have you tried signing up with the VPN and directly with your CC?

I gave it a try… it worked, but while playing with Roon it will jump tracks, didn’t make it to play one song, not sure if that is because of the unsupported country…

Once you get an account you should be able to stream without a VPN. It works for me over the Windows app and the Web app and withinRoon.