Qobuz in Canada

Jamie, I just tried to contact “Qobuz support” . No such place on their Qobuz Canada page. Can you point me to what you are referring to please. Thank you.

Thank you for this information they will be very useful to me.

I found a simple way not to copy all the tags associated with my TIDAL albums, is to keep them in my library and choose the QOBUZ version that was transferred with SOUNDIIZ. So I have the information and I avoid a long work of input.

I’m attaching a screenshot.

I don’t know how tags could be transferred from one version to another, surely a nice challenge for developers at Roon.

You are most welcome.

When the PRESTOMUSIC online music service was launched on March 6 2023, I signed up for a free 30-day subscription. https://www.prestomusic.com/

I discovered a great application and a rich source of information on albums.

The advantage of this service is that the database is supplied by the online sales service. Two other advantages: the price of a monthly subscription in Canada is $10.99 and the calculation of the remuneration of copyright owners is done on the second, which is much more advantageous than the calculation according to the tracks listened to. However, the service only offers classical and jazz genres.

The link between my Lumin D2 and the Prestomusic app on my MacBook Air M2 or iPhone is via AirPlay, but the maximum resolution is that of a 44/16 CD.

As I am not able to connect my MacBook Air M2 directly to my Lumin D2, I am not able to enjoy the Hi RES version. That’s why I considered buying a USB DAC. My research allowed me to discover a text about the best USB 2022 DAC according to Moon Audio. The A&K HC2 is being analyzed and is receiving an excellent assessment. Here is the link: Best Portable USB DACs of 2022 - Moon Audio

When I listen to my music with my A&K Kann Cube on the go, I use my

JH Audio JH13 V2 PRO Custom In-Ear Monitor

As I mentioned, the 2.5 mm (balanced) and 3.5 mm sockets are very fragile, which is why I bought an adapter with 5 pin mini XLR. I have a safer connection and excellent sound quality

1 × Silver Dragon IEM V2 Adapter Cable

Cable Length: 0.5 ft

Headphone Connection Options:

2.5mm TRRS Moon Audio Female Balanced Mini [Gold]

Amplifier Connection Options:

5-pin Switchcraft Female Mini XLR (Kann Cube)

However, I did not give up the purchase of a USB DAC for listening with my iPhone but also to connect my MacBook Air M2 to my amplifier. But the early launch of QOBUZ makes the purchase less urgent.

Anyone have insight… Does the Qobuz content that is available in Canada include everything available for US Qobuz accounts?

Ie: would Cdns who have a US Vpn’d acct still have access to all the US content they had prior, if they switch to a Cdn acct…?

In the past switching accounts from one country to another meant that had to start a whole new account. You may want to use something like soundiiz to capture your current library.

This may have changed, but this is how it was a few years ago.

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I started a new subscription and used soundiiz to get my previous accounts library to the new account.

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Thanks for the quick reply Vincent. Duly noted!

I’ve got Soundiiz ready, but on initial review I wasn’t seeing all my material there.

Gave the impression it may not all be available in Canada so I wanted to explore the topic a bit further.

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Thanks Progisus. Were you able confirm all your US acct songs / artists / albums etc were in the Cdn acct after using Soundiiz? Did you have to use a VPN for the process?

Hi Desmond. I logged into my US Qobuz account from inside soundiiz and transferred all to soundizz. I then logged out of the US account and into the Cdn Qobuz inside of soundiiz. I then transferred from soundizz to the Cdn Qobuz account. Voila! I didn’t get any errors so hopefully it is all there.

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Thanks Progisus! Perhaps I’ll take another look at what appears in Soundiiz. I had logged in after Qobuz’ Cdn launch but wasn’t seeing all my current songs / albums / artists / etc at that time. (In comparison to the amounts for each per Roon when filtering to Qobuz.)

So, I didn’t proceed with anything at that time. Wanted to confirm if all content is supposed to be available on the Cdn side first.

If one is starting from scratch with adding music from a streaming service (as I pretty well am), is there a best way to do this? For instance, should I select albums on Quboz and then sync Roon to this? Or should I just add Quboz streaming options from Roon itself? For instance, if I decide to move to a different service in the future, would one method make it easier to transfer my library choices?

It makes absolutely no difference. When you favorite an album in Qobuz, it will be added to your Roon library. If you add an album to your Roon library, it will be favorited in Qobuz.

To move from one streaming service to another, you sync them in Soundiiz, but your Roon edits/tags/etc. will not be transferred. This can currently not be avoided (except by having local files) until Roon adds the option to copy such information from one release to another

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Thanks @jamie. Quick question will the Qobuz albums automatically update to the correct bit depth/sample rate info or will this be fixed in one of the next Roon app updates?

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Do we have any confirmation when the bug showing differing resolutions rates between the Qobuz app files and in ROON will be resolved? When I import a 24/96 file it still comes in at 16/44.1.

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Hey @Todd, good to see you - it’s been a while! As I understand it, the fix will be patched just as soon as the work is completed. The bit depth and sampling rate should automatically update once the fix is in. I’ll try to get more details and report back.


Unfortunately, that’s the expected behavior until we get the issue resolved, @Wdw. Please see my temporary workaround here or expand your signal path display while your recently added Qobuz music is playing to verify the stream details.

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**Misperception*Contrary to what I thought, I have to keep my subscription to TIDAL to see all the albums associated with a TAG. Since as a Roon subscriber we benefit from a 60-day free trial, I will renew my subscription to TIDAL the time to reassociate the albums to the main tags.

But before I start, I will evaluate whether the choice of tags is the right approach or whether it would be better to create playlists. I’ll share my test results.

I’m listening to the album: Eric Clapton 461 Ocean Boulevard (Deluxe Edition) in 192/24 format. I discovered this album as soon as it was released in July 1974 in vinyl version. The sound is incredible. It is an interesting and revealing way to discover the advantages offered by the Hi Res by listening to albums that have been part of our auditory memory for many years.

I will do the same with the song While my guitar gently weeps. Four different versions appear on the Beatles White Album (Super Deluxe Edition).
I still have my vinyl version.

I compared the vinyl version with the MQA version offered on TIDAl. Now I will compare the three formats.

I think we are all supporting the praises Qobuz offers compared to Tidal or aack Spotify…

I migrated all my tidal catalogue (some 3000+) tracks and playlists.

I noticed an avg loss of 5-15% … call it 10% on avg of the tracks or albums are not available on Qobuz which are on Tidal

So the available catalogue on Tidal/Spotify seems better in my experience and opinion ( YMMV)

Quality over Quantity I guess in this case


Depends an what you listen to, but there are also releases on Qobuz that are not on Tidal. Here in Germany I have both and while Tidal had more 2 years ago, I struggle to find albums now that are not on both. But I don’t know about Canada

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