Qobuz integration in Roon?

I was able to trial Qobuz before they region blocked me. I was just about to purchase an annual subscription, but they rejected my sign-up (Bermuda). Anyway, Qobuz is great except for when trying to dive down into the music genres. I can easily see Roon integration being a godsend for that. So, yes, I’d be a customer in waiting for this feature provided it can be purchased internationally.

It would be a good partnership and would help Qobuz to achieve their ambition to create a’Roon-like’ experience.

It’s been in the press the last few weeks.

@Musicphile, This is the thing. It can’t. North America integration might extend to the outlying territories but Qobuz’s biggest challenge is reach. An interesting point is the man who has been appointed to set the operation up in the US is the same man who did it for Tidal. I am pretty much decided I am happy in the Tidal camp as Qobuz’s strengths don’t seem to align with my tastes generally but I will give them a go. There is another being pushed for integration (HRA) who don’t interest me at all.
@Easysqueezy it has been in the press since Carter took over. Certain elements of the ‘press’ pick their winners and losers based on what story might get more hits, not necessarily on the reality.

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Sorry the Kanye thing is just not true. It’s more diverse than you think.


It happened with Qobuz as well. All streaming services have struggled in the past. It came into the press when Qobuz struggled.

We’ll agree to differ then. Diversity is there but there’s a Kanye heavy handedness to the presentation that has always put me off. Roll on Qobuz.


Tidal isn’t available in Bermuda, either… I do prefer what I’ve seen in Qobuz’s library, though. I’m interested in music that isn’t necessarily on the charts. My impression is that Tidal focuses on what’s popular, particularly with a leaning towards hip-hop.

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@Musicphile. Some have used proxy services to sign up. Once signed it doesn’t matter where you stream from. However I’d be wary of putting financial information through these portals. Some are distinctly dodgy. You might also sign up during a visit to the US if that is something you would do.

I have to say that their stuff, (Kanye/JayZ/Beyonce) is front and centre when newly released but Tidal subscribers get them first and it does drive membership up. Otherwise what I see is pretty balanced bearing in mind I do very little viewing through their portal. The Roon presentation of Tidal seems more even handed to me.

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Yeah, I’ve tried using VPN for it. The problem comes to when you are trying to purchase the service. They are rejecting credit cards and PayPal accounts that aren’t registered in authorized countries. The only solution appears to be to open up a bank account and get a credit card overseas. Sucks!

This is when Revolut becomes handy :wink:

Hopefully Qobuz and Tidal might both be able to integrate. So users could take their pick depending on location/music preference. Now that would be cool…!


Just curious what does Qobuz not cover that you are interested in? Just general genres.

I had Qobuz before I joined Roon and fully share your opinion.
In addition, I think that Roon is more focused on the better hi-fi and audio enthusiasts, so Qobuz would be an added value in that respect.
Note: that is my personal opinion

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A lot of independent alt pop/rock from UK and states from the 80’s and nineties that’s replacing my worn out vinyl copies and there is lots of more left field modern stuff I can’t get on it either that’s on Tidal or Spotify.

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Also Qobuz is not available in many countries, I have been working sas it ingredients for years.

Qobuz needs to merge with Tidal and get outside financing as well to assure users that the future financial footing and subscriber base is solid.

This is the most intelligent comment so far -

people are getting very wound up about their perceptions of what Tidal and Qobuz offer in terms of content and also blurred by their own tastes. Notwithstanding QoBuz being slow to go global, it is in Roon’s interest, hedge their bets and add a second “quality streaming” service … Oh and for my tuppence worth, Qobuz metadata is the best plus offers better choice of “niche” stuff like classical and jazz.

Plus (talking heresy here) why not Spotify too (despite quality) - but I cannot see that happen given the 800 pound gorilla in the room likes to play super awkward.

if finally room has not integration with qobuz, I will unsubscribe