Qobuz integration in Roon?

According to another forum Qobuz Support is handing out the info that Qobuz will be integrated into Roon the latest end of this year.

In my eyes Roon has been very clear that there won‘t be an integration.

Is this fake information?


Roon have said they are talking to a streaming service other than Tidal and although it was mentioned last year Qobuz did not seem keen, who’s to say that things haven’t changed? Reading between the lines I personally thought (and hoped) that it would be Qobuz, but this is pure speculation on my part! Fingers crossed…

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Good news if you ask me :slight_smile:

Qobuz has the killer feature which is the downloading of albums and tracks for offline use on PC (or Mac?). If Roon was able to incorporate this, it would be a game changer.

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Yes, on Mac, too. :grinning:

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Odd how it’s not mentioned more as a USP.

Certainly it had me hooked mostly because of this alone. I crawled back to Tidal in the end because of Roon’s integration. Close call for me.

It’s hardly a killer feature. Not sure it would sway me only time I need this feature is if traveling and I just do it to my phone as its easier to carry around so can do that with any of the services I already have. It might be useful for Roon mobile though when ever that arrives.

If Qobuz is coming I would be more interested if it had access to the store to download straight to Roon than anything else.


Without watermarking please…

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How could this be achieved given that all streaming services receive the files from digital wholesalers who receive the files (with or without watermarks) from the labels?

Maybe by starting to speak up against it?

Go for it!

I did, by canceling my subscription to Tidal over a year ago. I rather buy CDs.


Judging by the recent reports, Tidal may not last. Qobuz went through a similar episode recently but were able to secure last minute funding. Roon could provide the extra boost and customer base that Qobuz will need to secure a future so I believe this is a possible scenario. I hope so as Qobuz is a better service.


Depends on your musical tastes. Qobuz does not cover half of mine. So therefore it is a lesser service.


True. I’m into classical and jazz. Qobuz does offer more though and I used to use it before I came to Roon and Tidal. I would chose Qobuz over Tidal any day. Tidal is a bit too Kanye heavy for me! I only use it because there is currently no alternative in Roon. But I do understand that its selection of music would appeal to many.


So much non Kanye stuff :grin:


I meant the Kanye and friends self promotion face. :slightly_smiling_face:


Why are you discussing if Tidal or Qobuz is the better service.

The question should be what will happen if Tidal will stop working ( became more likely in my eyes ) and Roon does not have an integrated streaming service? In this situation i‘d give a sh… on which service is better. Because there only will be Qobuz left.

Without streaming integration i don‘t need Roon and i’ll go for another software. And many others will do the same. Yes, i know that many of you think Roon without streaming still is rocking but that‘s anither question.


Already mentioned about Tidal being vulnerable at this time prior to discussing which is the better service.

Where is the information discussing Tidals’ vulnerability? Is it from anything like a dependable or accountable source?