Qobuz Launches in 6 New Countries

Just had a marketing email from Qobuz…

Qobuz launches in six new countries

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Australia, New Zealand.


That’s great. Is Canada still left out though, or is it available there? :canada:

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Still no Canada.

:disappointed:. I’m in the US but feel bad it’s not available there.

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Canada is a hard nut to crack. Besides the normal licensing complications, we have requirements on % of content be from Canadian artists along with Francophone content has to be clearly displayed

Nothing annoys me more than later, as it’s never something that can be turned off.

Australia and New Zealand at least means they have discovered there is an Equator

I am only 70 I can wait for South Africa, we’re always last :joy::joy:


Just submit to the genius of Céline, Garou, and Johnny.

$25/month - not exactly cheap :frowning_face:

I pay $150 per year in US. Maybe they will offer some specials.

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$150 very well spent.

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Tidal was $100. It will be $120 next time, I think.

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Qobuz meets my streaming needs. I have really enjoyed Roon which has been problem free for me. I still buy (SA)CDs and likely will be buying LPs. I have a friend in Thailand who cannot get Qobuz. He has Tidal. I have not needed the latter to my awareness. As I recall (perhaps incorrectly) you buy files as well as stream them. If so, do you feel that Qobuz streamed sounds different/less than Qobuz purchased?

No, I don’t buy any music.

32$/month in Denmark… :grimacing:

This is good news as Qobuz expands it’s service coverage! Wasn’t sure how many people saw this so I figured I would share!

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Thanks for the heads-up. I live in Sweden and finally we have Qubuz to chose from apart Tidal, Spotify and Apple Music etc.

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Canceled tidal and moved to Qobuz here in Sweden, very happy. Much better quality, finally able to enjoy albums in high res without needing to buy them and many albums I can enjoy again that were mqa only on tidal.


Spotify and Tidal do not give a damn nuisance called Canadian content, so what’s Qobuz problem?

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This may have something to do with it:

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Nothing annoys me more than later, as it’s never something that can be turned off.

French CDN content is required within the service but it does not have to be prominently displayed. There is no CDN requirement to force French content on users at all. It is displayed based on the user settings and listening preferences. Using Tidal, Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube music as an example since Qobuz is not available yet. So IMO there is no grounds to imply French content would be pushed on users with Qobuz. Ain’t the case with other services.