Qobuz media loading slowly, issue

How is the process, handling in ROON when streaming from Qobuz? It seems when a user picks a song, the complete one is downloaded, then decoding in the ROON core is done and then
the result is transmitted to the endpoint?

As the others have said, Roon is different. This guide by @David_Snyder could be useful:

Roon Done Right: A User Guide

Roon Done Right: A User Guide, Part Two

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As far as I have seen when someone watched the network, the FLAC is downloaded in bursts (not the whole one at once), but the important part for the local transmission is that yes, the Core decodes it and the resulting raw PCM samples are sent to the endpoint via RAAT. So this increases the data size on the LAN vs sending FLAC to the endpoint and decoding it there.


I am sure it downloads the whole track as when I loose internet the song always finishes I have never lost a song midway through. The pcm sent to the endpoint is as bursts I believe.

If the MacBook is on wireless to then this is likey your main issue. Endpoints are fine wireless 99% of my listening is via wireless endpoints and not a hiccup but my core is wired. The a core on the other hand really needs to be wired to ensue the best performance as Wi-Fi isn’t reliable enough for a data heavy server application like Roon is. All bets are off when you have core on wireless. Moving it to wired will solve issues like this 99% if the time.


It is exactly like that.
I once made a screen recording to show that gapless playback works perfectly.
When the end of a track is reached and transitions into a new one, I switched the view to my modem’s web interface, where you can see how fast the data is being downloaded - and all at once.
4 zones playing simultaneously.

I thought I have seen network traces showing a larger burst for the first seconds and then intermittent bursts in between. But apparently I misremember (maybe that was for Naim streaming?), I don’t care too much :slight_smile:

It probably does not matter here: whether it downloads the whole thing at once or in bursts, it’s decoded on the Core and the decoded PCM to the endpoint makes the difference in local data size

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I’m guessing there’s an exception to this this when using a Logitech Squeezebox device as an endpoint? I noticed in Roon’s audio device settings for my Logitech Squeezebox Touch there’s a toggle for “Use FLAC compression?”. Am I corrected when toggled on Roon sends a FLAC file to the Squeezebox endpoint, then the Squeezebox does the decoding?

I am talking about RAAT. I think that applies to the IFI Zenstream in the OP. No idea about the other things and don’t care :wink:

I had this with Tidal yesterday. Local files played without problems, all other web services seemed to be okay, upload and download speed also were as expected.
It turned out a connection on my modem was a bit loose after I had cleaned the shelve it was placed on.
After pressing it into the machine firmly all streaming went smooth again.

I believe so, they did have not great wifi chips so likely maybe they struggle with PCM? I never had it enabled mind for my Radio when it worked.

I’ve had a wired connection with speed around 350 bps and Qobuz on Roon is still timing out and skipping to the next song. Obviously Qobuz with their app works just fine. My PC is a beast etc. Any ideas on what settings need to change? I just run with the default or suggested settings but having skips is not okay.

I’ve been getting same intermittently a reboot cures it for a bit. Not had ever until the last update, nothings changed elsewhere either and this on wired and wireless zones.