Qobuz multi-channel albums

Qobuz has a dozen or so multichannel albums which are not playable directly in the Qobuz app but only via Roon. OTOH, they are not generally visible in Roon unless one first tags them as favorites in the Qobuz app. A dropped ball for both but, until there is significant multichannel content, not a biggie.

Me, too.

How did you find which albums in Qobuz are multichannel?

Edit: I found three multichannel classical recordings by searching “5.1 multichannel” in the Qobuz app. If I search “multichannel”, the results I found were not multichannel even though one track specifically said “5.1 Multichannel version”.

Is it just a hit and miss endeavor to find the multichannel recordings in Qobuz?

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Using the Qobuz PC app (not Roon!) and search for “5.1” (or “multichannel” or “surround”).
They will play only as stereo in Qobuz.

However, if you flag them as favorites in Qobuz, they will also appear as favorites when you choose Qobuz favorites within Roon and, with suitable connected equipment, they will play in 5.1.

Don’t expect much but it does prove that multichannel is supported in principle!


Thanks for that info! I’m a big fan of well recorded, well mastered multichannel music.

I’m listening to this right now. Sounds awesome!

I searched in the Qobuz app using #Multichannel and that seemed to work better than just using Multichannel.



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Thanks for the tip. :smiley:


Looks to be all classical. While I’m not a classical music person, I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks.

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I could only find these four recordings (ignore Lion King)

Click the “View All” selection.

Ah-ha! Thanks.

Good thing I like classical. Ooh, and there is a Ragtime album in there. :slight_smile:

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Done! Just for you.

Thanks! :smiley:

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I’m enjoying the Ragtime album.:+1:

I just liked 20+ multi-channel albums in Qobuz and soon after, they all showed up in Roon. I switched my zone from Oppo 203 ethernet to Oppo 203 HDMI and played a short bit of the first number from each album. While they sounded great on my 5.1 surround sound system, I just can’t listen to classical and had to delete them all. I guess you classical buffs will have to enjoy this until they include something I can listen to. Enjoy, it does should great.

Even though I enjoy classical, I would love it if they added other genres as well.

I did not know this about Qobuz. Thank you so much for alerting me.

Fantastic enjoying Mozart in 5.1