Qobuz New Releases In The Netherlands Getting Old?

I’m a Qobuz subscriber in the Netherlands. I’ve noticed that for some weeks now, their list of new classical releases has not been updated; the most recent release dates from 18th October:

Qobuz subscribers in other countries seem to be getting more recent releases, so my question is, are other Dutch Qobuz subscribers seeing the same as I am, or is it just me?

I’m seeing the same releases as on your screen shot.

Thanks Alex; not just me then. I’ve reported the issue to Qobuz using the Contact customer service link in the app (click on your account icon, then go to the About tab). Could you please do the same? The more people report this, the more chance there is that it will get fixed. Thanks.

That’s what I have in Belgium.

Done. Let’s see what happens.

This evening some new classical recordings have appeared. In the qobuz-app. I’m living in the Netherlands. Maybe a result of your question?

In Roon the classical qobuz-selection His the following contents

Yes, it’s finally coming through here for me as well. Thanks for spotting it.