Qobuz on more than one device

I have my Mac with Qobuz in the living room, with additional speakers wired to the kitchen so any music playing can be listened to in either room. I also have a tablet with Qobuz, in the kitchen. But I cannot control Qobuz with the tablet when music is playing from the Mac, unlike Spotify which allows multi device listening. If I were to purchase a Roon subscription, would it enable me to listen to the same Qobuz on any device?

Roon can stream Qobuz to any connected devices that Roon supports, these good be device running the Roon / Roon Server / Roon Remote / Roon Bridge / Roon Ready … or support 3th party protocols such as Airplay, Sonos, BluOS. Plus most USB DACs as well.

Have a read in of the Roon Knowledge Base for more detailed information about Zones.

I can stream 2 or more different tracks with tidal on roon, I don’t have qobuz but would assume one could stream 2 different things there too if one had adequate audible separation between rooms to stop any annoyance. Certainly you can stream to multiple like devices in roon from one source…