Qobuz on Roon into NewZealand?

Is Qobuz available thru (within) Roon into New Zealand?

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Qobuz is only available in 12 countries, not including New Zealand, so your only option is TIDAL. You can only integrate a streaming service with Roon if the service is available in your country.

Not exactly true. While Qobuz is only available in 12 countries, if you’re signing up from one of those countries (either physically or via VPN) and have a suitable mode of payment, you can create a Qobuz account. After that Qobuz doesn’t care anymore to which country you’re streaming. I’ve done exactly that as I spend some time during the year in a Qobuz supported country in Europe and the rest of the year in Asia.

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Yes, thanks for that possibility of a VPN as a smart, good idea workaround to their “limited country” service situation.

Will pursue this and report to other members in Nov ‘19.

Thanks Again for your clever suggestion.

No worries, JLP. Just notice the “suitable mode of payment” aspect as well. Typically, you’d want a local payment method from the country that you’re connecting through. E.g. if you’re using a US VPN connection, I’m fairly sure that Qobuz will verify if your mode of payment is a local US one. I can’t check this is really true as I’ve got valid credit cards as well as residential addresses for both countries in my scenario.

I couldn’t sign up with Qobuz even with a VPN, this was when I created an account through the website and somehow my account would just default to Australia, even when I used an address in England.

Then when Qobuz was integrated into Roon I signed up through the services tab in Roon, I still used a VPN when I signed up but it has worked ever since without the VPN.


I am also in NZ, and I managed to sign up to Qobuz without needing a VPN and using Paypal as payment method(I was billed in pounds). I am not sure why it worked, but I clicked a link in a Roon promotion e-mail when signing up.

Even though I managed to sign-up, the playback worked, but wasn’t as stable as Tidal. I suspect it is because Qobuz does not have CDN presence in New Zealand, so you’re streaming using international bandwidth. I have 900Mbps fibre at home so it wasn’t a connection problem my side.

The cost was quite a bit higher than Tidal, so I just used the 44 lossless plan.

I no longer use it, but will retry when they officially support NZ.


I live in Sweden and uses Qobuz every day without any problem even if Qobuz is not available here. I got a IP adress in England via NordVPN when I signed up for Qobuz and made the payment with Paypal.
Each month the payment is made via my Paypal that charges my card directly. The VPN acount was just needed for the sign up process so I cancelled it after the registration.
I use both Tidal and Qobuz right now and they work without any problems in Roon with a 100Mbit fiber connection (my plan is to just use Qobuz in the future).

I used a VPN to create a U.S. account, and paid monthly with my Canadian PayPal account. There were no problems. Once you’ve signed up Qobuz doesn’t care where you stream or what country you’re paying from. I cancelled after a few months because in Canadian dollar terms it wasn’t particularly good value. I’m sticking with my Brazilian Tidal sub, which costs far less than Tidal in most other countries.