Qobuz Panoramas

I love the Qobuz panoramas, usually I’ll listen along while reading them. Only issue is that they aren’t in Roon, it would be fantastic to see this integrated.

I feel like the music magazine style would really fit.


+1000 for this. Panoramas are exactly the kind of experience that Roon is going for, and they are already curated/edited. Please bring them in!

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It’s quite surprising that not more people are interested in this feature. Just 1 vote c’mon people. There are so many Qobuz subscribers on this forum and Panoramas are amazing and would make the Roon experience of delving deeper into the music so much richer.

I really hope that Roon in the future is able to integrate Qobuz content more closely, as they have recently done with Tidal. The way it integrates currently seems quite bland as compared to the Qobuz app.

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I’ve been a Qobuz subscribe all this time and only just realised they existed due to the post. Feels like a great idea that would sit well with (and within) Roon.

In case anyone wonders what they are…

Although the reason I hadn’t spotted them until now is because I use Roon, so rarely venture into the Qobuz interface — hence why it would be ideal to bring them into the Roon interface.