Qobuz playback on Sonos patching via Roon

I’ve just been streaming an album from Qobuz for the first time via Roon and halfway through it began cutting out. I put it down to the wifi but the streamed the same album from Qobuz again but this time directly from Sonos and it played perfectly.

Is the issue maybe due to Roon having played it at a higher resolution? (I didn’t actually check whether I’d played different versions, but given I just hit play, I’m assuming I accessed the same version).

My set up is Core on a Mac, wifi connection with my streamer which is connected to the DAC via a Coax, but I’m guessing that Roon is connecting with the Sonos endpoints directly from the Mac (I’m new here, if you couldn’t tell, and doing a lot of reading whilst also posting a couple questions).

Roon recommend a wired connection not wireless.
Unfortunately Roon is considerably more bandwidth intensive than any standalone app like Qobuz or Tidal.
So there is not an apples for apples comparison there.

Can you try a wired connection at all?

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Also, Qobuz by default is 16/44.1 I believe.

To get 24/48 you need to set it so in you Qobuz account online for Qobuz to Sonos.

Roon to Sonos can be upto 24/192 but will down sample though.

And as @AceRimmer states, Roon uses more bandwidth and as a Sonos user, it can be on a knifes edge if you chose WiFi over ethernet.

Connect Roon via ethernet
Connect at least one Sonos (the one with issues on WiFi) via ethernet

There’s a good number of mixed experiences with Roon and Sonos. It may take time to setup a trouble free Sonos environment even without Roon. Occasionally some have great success on WiFi. Some do not. Same the other way. :wink:

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Also, with Sonos if you visit this URL it’ll tell you you connection status

http://your Sonos IP:1400/support/review

Click on Network Matrix, you’ll get something like this. It’s handy for problem solving

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Roon is great.

Roon over Sonos’s app anyday of the week for me.

I can use Sonos on WiFi without issues. It is possible.