Qobuz playlist in Roon - artist missing in Roon

I subscribed to a playlist in Qobuz. It shows up in Roon if I go to Qobuz → My Qobuz → Playlists.
But why is the artist missing for quite a few songs? It shows up fine in Qobuz…
And some of the Titles (called ‘Tracks’ in Roon) are different as well.
Now, this is a classical playlist, which may be part of the problem.
“Classical Masterpieces”, Public playlist by Qobuz UK.

Roon build 1244 on both core (ROCK) and PC

Hi @Chris_Roon

Tap the gear icon to the right. Select album artist. You have the artists names accordingly.

Ahh… that was easy! Thanks @Menzies !

Always here to help if I can. Enjoy @Chris_Roon

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