Qobuz Stole From My Account

That s right I would put a claim on PayPal, they are usually very effective

@Johnseye I read this post yesterday, and this morning I had the exact same thing happen! Fortunately, I only signed up for the annual sub a month ago, so I’m only £14.99 out of pocket. When I look on my payments on my Qobuz account, only the £149.99 receipt shows. I noticed that Qobuz’s email on my PayPal receipt is no longer active (bounced back). I’ve contacted them through their website, but by the sounds of it, I’ll probably end up using Paypal’s resolution service.

If you only use PayPal to pass a charge onto your credit card, then use your credit card company to resolve the issue.

Your credit card company will give you an immediate credit, subject to any counter-claims by Qobuz…

I’ve found PayPal will want to wait some amount of time to see if the payee will resolve it on their own.


Evidently, Qobuz accounting is a bunch of dicks.


Either that, or an unfortunate bug has surfaced. I’m pretty convinced Qobuz also want happy customers.

He! Mind your words :smiley:


Yes, I disputed the charges through PayPal who sided in my favor. I was unable to file a claim for one month because it had exceeded the 6 month limit by the time I finished dealing with Qobuz directly.

I went through Qobuz first because ultimately that’s what PayPal does, although they have a lot more influence than I do. I have several vendors who I keep as recurring payments. I’ve never had an issue like this in the past so it was surprising. Qobuz is no longer. I will now be checking my PayPal charges monthly as a result of this experience which is a safer practice.

I’ve had a few claims on things I purchased using PayPal linked to a credit card. I immediately put in claims on both PayPal and the credit card. The credit card is always quicker and refunds my money immediately. All have been resolved in my favor.

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Hi, never pay before

That sometimes gets misinterpreted as stealing :wink:

I’ve found the same thing my chase card charges back the day is complaint PayPal drags it on and on.

Qobuz seems to lack common business sense. Last year I wanted to switch my annual subscription to Qobuz family, but I was told that there would be no pro-rated credit to Qobuz family. So, I had to wait six months, because I was not going to pay for two licenses. I got distracted on my renewal date and promptly sent them a message advising that I want to upgrade, but just missed my date. They were not willing to accommodate me. The upgrade would earn them more money, but they won’t do it.

I had a similar experience. They are not very flexible.



I don’t know who’s running their customer service or accounting but no, they have no common sense. If I didn’t like the quality of sound more than Tidal I’d be gone. Make sure they can’t auto charge your account so when the time comes again, you’re in control.