Qobuz stopped playing

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build)
SonicTransporter i5

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
SonicTransporter i5 > UltraRendu > USB > Chord Qutest

Description Of Issue
Qobuz stopped playing this evening, it is enabled. I logged out and back in, albums show up but will not play, the status icon indicates it’s playing but there is no movement of the time line. Also, if I try to initiate play from the Zone nothing happens. Tidal plays just fine.

Have you rebooted everything?

Rebooted the SonicTransporter and UltraRendu, still no Qobuz or album art most of the time. I did have a notification that the “Metdata Improver” was halted and a Roon update required although all devices are current.
to sum it up: Tidal and files from my external hard drive work fine, Qobuz is a no go… Seems Qobuz no longer communicating with Roon.
Don’t know where to go from here.

Hello @Al_Landau,

What is your network setup like, can you please provide some more info?

Are you still able to play tracks properly through the Qobuz web player (listen.qobuz.com)?

You can try clearing out your Roon cache to see if this helps:

The network is internet mode> ethernet>SonicTransporter>Sonore UltraRendu>Chord Qutest DAC. Hope that’s what you’re after.

Qobuz web player is loaded but does not play on either my tablet or laptop.
With my very limited knowledge (!) I’m hesitant to open the RoonServer data base in fear I’ll blow it and lose everything. I have cleared the Cache and rebooted the ST, didn’t resolve the problem. Is it possible the modem needs to be rebooted?

Tidal and external hard drive files play just fine.

Hi @Al_Landau,

Thanks for giving those suggestions a try!

Since Qobuz Web Player does not work either, then this is starting to sound like a Qobuz account issue. I would reach out directly to Qobuz support and ask them to verify your account status.

I had the same issue. Restart both the sT and the oR. That should fix the problem as it did for me!


All’s good. Don’t have any idea why but I’ll take it!
Thanks everyone.

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