Qobuz streaming MQA

Check out signal path. Never seen this before

Is it on the 2L label? All of 2L’s stuff is only available in MQA format.

I just played something from 2L and I got a similar path. Good to know; will avoid.

I feel MQA is here to stay for the immediate future. More so if the major record labels have bought in to it. Main thing, how does it sound.

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Agree that here the important factor is… what does it sound like?
Anything sound “off”

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2L is loved for their sound. It’s always good no matter what format. Crazy to avoid for no reason.


The reason is MQA. I’m just casting my vote. Let me explain:

  • If I don’t unfold, I get a higher noise floor than a mere down-sampled 44.1kHz version would have.
  • If I unfold, I get frequencies that are both hypersonic and very low level, which makes them extremely unlikely to be heard by humans. It just wastes server CPU and LAN bandwidth.

If it sounds good no matter the format, I want non-MQA CD format.