Qobuz Streaming Quality not HiRes in Roon 1.7

Roon 1,.7 is live! As mentioned in the new features, streaming quality can be set in Roon. The highest quality I can choose is CD 16bit/44.1khz while my subscription is Studio, so Highest res possible. Why can I not select the Hires 24 bit in Roon 1.7?


Moving to #support @Ron_Witkamp.

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Hi, @Ron_Witkamp, thanks for you report. May I ask you to clarify what exactly do you mean by saying that you’re not able to select highest stream quality? Are not seeing it in the Streming Quility seelctor or this setting is not applied to the content?



Hi Ivan,

In the quality selector I can only choose for MP3 320kbps and CD 16bit 44.1khz. My Qobuz subscription is Studio, which allows me to stream HiRes. When I play Qobuz content from Roon, I do get HiRes audio! The problem is only the selector dropdown list.


Hi @Ron_Witkamp,

The team is looking into this – Just to verify, can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in Roon, and a screenshot showing your subscription type in Qobuz?


Same problem here. Streaming quality dropdown only shows 16/44 and mp3. When paying radio, the now playing display shows 96/24 but the signal path display shows 16/44.1. It does this for tracks selected by roon radio and when playing a track from an album saved in the library.

I had the same problem. After signing out of Qobuz and signing in again, this was solved. I can now select hires streams.

Thanks! That fixed it.

Fixed it here too! Strange, reboot the Core did not slove the problem earlier today.

just checked and… all is fine (all resolutions are there) with my Cirrus7 running ROCK
issue might only affect other OSs

Wondering if my problem was related to having set it up originally with a ‘hi-fi’ 16/44.1 only account that was recently migrated to the new ‘hi-res’ studio or whatever account by qobuz? Maybe roon had that info stored from the original setup?