Qobuz streaming quality setting question

If I add a 96/24 qobuz album to the library (or roon picks one for radio) but have qobuz streaming quality set to 44.1/16 under services, roon playback signal path shows source as qobuz 44.1/16, which is my preference.

My question is, how does that work? Does roon request a 44.1/16 version of the album/track? Does qobuz always have one? Or is the 96/24 version being downsampled by roon or qobuz?

Although not 100% sure, I do think Qobuz is reducing the pipe (downsamples) when you stream a highres (96/24 in your example). The aim of this setting is to support SQ in case of stretched internet connection or to save bandwidth costs.

It does not make sense for Qobuz to go and look for an CD alternative album, as in many cases, there can be a difference in number of tracks (think deluxe versions), remastering, etc…


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Didn’t think of that. You are probably correct. Similar to how qobuz mobile apps let you limit bandwidth usage. They have to have a way to do that on the server side.

Qobuz delivers streams in the resolution you select in ROON preferences; one can verify used bandwidth, if using Linux, MacOS or Windows operating systems, and yes I verified it.
The hires visual just shows the max available resolution.


So for example, does every Qobuz album in 24/92 also exist in 16/44? If I understand now, they serve up a 16/44 version on the fly based on the quality settings. Qobuz is not converting on their end? I’m using Roon to stream to a Marantz NR1200 and I think the only way to do is via Airplay at 16/44. Is it best to have Roon convert all tracks down on the fly, or change the baseline sound quality of Qobuz in the settings?

If you check the “Versions” tab for a given Qobuz album, you’ll see all different resolutions available through Roon.
Sometimes it even shows more than one version of the same resolution, which obviously are differing editions.

Regarding your question, I’m rather sure that even if there might be slight differences in either streaming the lower resolution version, or downsampling it via Roon’s DSP, these are most likely way below hearing threshold.
Decide for yourself, what appeals and/or sounds best to you and get peace of mind.

It’s definitely environmentally more sustainable to stream the lower resolution, since it saves bandwidth and computing power…


Thanks a lot. If Qobuz always has a 16/44 resolution available, I’ll set Qobuz to stream at the lower resolution- good point on sustainability and computing power. No point to let Roon do the work in my case.

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