Qobuz Sublime+ launched ;)

24bit streaming - €350/year :frowning:

there’s a free playlist for trying it: http://try.qobuz.com/sublimeplus_fr/
(not sure it will work for everyone, probably each country has a dedicated link. the above is for France)

In English: :smiley:


I find it interesting that the €350 subscription is an annual charge - no alternative is offered of a monthly subscription. Aiming at the well-heeled audiophile market rather than the masses, it would seem. Personally, I’ll continue being a cheapskate and stick with the low-fi quality of the cheapest subscription.


Well said.

“vanilla” Sublime too is only available as an annual subscription
though you get discounts on Hi-Res purchases, which you don’t on monthly plans

Not available in USA?

nope, sorry
(but it can be worked around :wink: )

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I am now even more struggling between my choice for Tidal Hifi (excellent Roon integration) or switch to Qobuz Sublime+. I like Qobuz, especially with this new service, but lack of Roon integration keeps putting me off. To whom shall I give my money?

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Is Qobuz any more financially stable then it used to be? have they got a new backer that would change it from being a £350 bet to an investment?

Quite expensive, but I suppose it’s a first - and if you’re into high-res is probably a bargain. For the types of music I listen to, the highres content’s more limited, so I’d probably hold fire even if I could use it with Roon, but I’m still impressed - I think Qobuz are ahead of the game, just a shame they didn’t tie up with Roon.

It is €110 more expensive than Tidal on a per year basis.
Plus you have 30 or 60 % discounts on high res buys.
For many that is a good deal. If you buy some Highres, than streaming is more or less free, if you compare highres buys to other shops.
The big downside on Qobuz remains the non integration into Roon.

I test it now for a week.
I use Bubble Player into Sonic Orbiter into Schiit Yggy.
That works fine.

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Xandrie owns Qobuz since the beginning of 2016
I subscribed Sublime, for the first time, in october 2015 when the future was still very uncertain but the promise was, in case they had to close, users on an annual plan would get a refund for the remaining part of their subscription
I believe this still applies (… but, in case, check first :wink: )

streaming now Qobuz’ Sublime+ playlist and must say… WOW: sounds great indeed! :slight_smile:

Yes, I concur.
Sounds great!

:disappointed: Wish Qubuz would open up streaming in the US, but, not sure that will ever happen.

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hard to tell what their plans are :frowning:
they will, finally, add a couple more european countries next month


I asked Qobuz (again) about Roon integration and this is their answer:

Our team is working 100% on the update of the Qobuz Desktop application and that of PLAYER-browser on computer. The entire interface has been redesigned, research, discovery and navigation will be reviewed, all to be both more intuitive, more efficient and more enjoyable with availability before the end of the year.
_ _
The second step will be to Qobuz offer new features (such as those that you can enjoy in ROON). These features will be offered progressively and directly into Qobuz da natively from power in 2017.

Thank you for choosing Qobuz.

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So probably, there will never be Roon integration. A big mistake in my opinion, as more and more hardware manufacturers start to use Roon.

Unfortunately, Johan, as has been said many times here - and in the Qobuz forums directly - what we really want is for Qobuz to be integrated directly into Roon, like Tidal has been. That would be a real step forward.


Yep, this was my request to them and that was the answer I got.

I think they make a great mistake!